Calculating and design of the pontoons

Yesterday night we got some better news from our partners who work with the Marine Department. They gave us more clear instructions of what to do next, and what materials we would be allowed to use on the water.

We're allowed to use HDPE standard pontoons!


We started 3D modeling...

Pontoon frames ~.skp528.4KB

And we tested some of our assumptions by building a physical model. It works! We start from the engineering details of assembly to make sure our design idea really works at scale and we're able to deliver on time, budget, and safety standards!


But we also figured that pontoons are really strong and flexible. Check out how much this pontoon can flex! Maybe we can make it "all" out of pontoons.

We started the document to provide the authorized surveyor:


We also need to find a way to prevent trespassers. It is suggested to use an inflatable boom...


So, we'll keep working on this! More very soon!

We need to deliver the Naval Architect the drawings for review this weekend!