Creating Solar Hydrogen


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To get a realistic estimate on the hydrogen generation capacities of the project, we purchased and built a hydrogen generator kit, using data collection to obtain more scientific results. See our process and data in the blog post below!


What is being measuredtext
Time to fill with hydrogen

8 mins

Time that the motor spun

45 mins

When we did the Electrolysis (splitting)

11-12 am

Maximum H2 production rate


Hydrogen used


Today, we learned that creating Hydrogen was an easy yet exciting process. When we reversed the electrolysis process, from H2 and O2 to H2O. We observed that it held substantial power in terms of length of time. It lasted for 45 mins with a consistently high Rpm. (360 rpm)

Graph 1: How who hydrogen production scale with a larger panel?

  • X watts
  • Y hydrogen in liters per hour

Our first experiment is 2W

A common solar panel is 70W

A common home scale installation is 10,000W

How many liters of Hydrogen can we produce per hour?

Graph 2: But the sun does not always shine... Accounting for night, what's the production over say a year for 10,000W?

Also, what's the daily variance of productivity depending on sunlight intensity?





→ Which specific product we are looking at?


  • solar panel?
  • Charge controller
  • electrolyzer
  • Compressor
  • Tank
  • Pressure gage
  • which anti-explosion accessory
  • which torch

Cool. what's the cost per liter of hydrogen?

You can make a simple calculation:

1 year of production in liters X cost of green hydrogen on the market - (cost of materials + 20% for installation and maintenance)

See : https://www.spglobal.com/marketintelligence/en/news-insights/latest-news-headlines/experts-explain-why-green-hydrogen-costs-have-fallen-and-will-keep-falling-63037203#:~:text=Green hydrogen produced with renewable,Commission's July 2020 hydrogen strategy.