Field trip to Mong Kok

The Trip to Mong Kok was long overdue. We arrived there as a team at around 10 am which we quickly realised was too early. But! We powered through and continued with the expedition.


The Main purpose of this expedition was to look for parts for the oyster experiment. (Air pumps, water pumps, tanks, PH stabilisers to name a few)

Luckily, we were able to find almost everything we needed!

The Things we found

After our little adventure we had some lunch at a place Jas highly recommended.


When we were done with lunch, we decided to go and explore the marine life aspect of Mong Kok fish street. However, when we got there, we were surprised to see many illegal marine life for sale like coral. Luckily Edric was brave enough to document these animals.


We later conducted an "observational survey" of the dockyard/typhoon shelter at Yau Ma Tei. After getting into the shipping area in a somewhat legal manner, we looked for the Yun Lee containers. We were then able to talk our way into seeing the pontoons which were stored into a shipping container. We managed to get some photos of the containers and measurements of the pontoons before we were driven off the dockyard.


50x50cm (cubes themselves)

60cm (from attachment point to attachment point)

height: 14 inches? @Edric Nazareno