Game plan

Game plan


Good morning Ocean Imagineer Team!

I hope you had a good weekend. I certainly had a busy one... For the next two weeks, I will see you every week day from 18:00 to 19:00 over zoom. Until Monday, Aug 9th, I am mobilised to teach the Summer Course in Design at HKU "Career Discovery in Design". Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10:00am, I will give a tour of MakerBay to my HKU students, and if you want to know more about my story, and that of MakerBay, you can sit with my students from 10:15 to 11:00 in the digital fabrication room on the 3F opposite the pantry.

We have some good news to start with:

  1. Hong Kong Art Centre Payment! We got the first payment from the HK Art Centre! It's not the 50% of the budget as agreed (it's more like 5%) but they are finally committing. We will follow up with them and our bank to make sure we can start to get the budget to be spent. Once we have the reply from the key supplier Yuen Lee Marine, we should be able to finalise the budget.
  2. Maritime Museum! The Director of Education of HK Maritime Museum verbally proposed to become an Ocean Imagineer Education Partner. They are interested to bring the historical knowledge to the project. MakerBay Foundation remains our key education partner for most creative technology activities.
  3. Sammie Ng! We have a new teammate Sammie Ng who recently graduated from Urban Studies at HKU and who I worked with before. Sammie will help on
  • Community: How can such infrastructure benefit the local community most?
  • Blockchain: How can we enable the indigenous/local/traditional oyster farmers to create other sources of income (oyster, solar electricity, hydrogen, carbon sequestration).

While the other people in the team will continue to work on the other deliverables in # Biology & Pollution, and # Renewable Energy

  1. Swire Institute of Marine Science! SWIMS in Cape D'Aguilar.

We will present the concept of the Ocean Imagineer with a visual + Model for the opening of the newly renovated SWIMS to government officials and Swire Group big wigs in Cape D'Aguilar - I will send more information in a separate email. Several of you (maybe 2) guys might have to represent me there.

This is the game plan

  1. [Jul 26 - 30] This week all the planning and budgeting should be concluded.
  2. [Aug 2 - 6] Next week, all the parts should be ordered and construction materials for the structure received (aluminium, plywood, corrugated roofing).
  3. [Aug 10] So that Aug 10, boom, the construction starts.
  4. [Aug 10 - 25] Will be intense construction time.
  5. The exhibition OPENS Aug 30th, VIPs are Aug 29, Press is Aug 28, so all must be ready and in the water Aug 27. It will be intense, and fun. I hope at the end of this, we all look like olympians!

These are the teams leads and the goals this week

Admin, Finance, Management: Jas, Chicky

Finalise the budget for each item and person. Be ready to press the "buy" button with all estimates on each key items.

Construction: Edric, Tvesha, Erica, Aaditya

Model: You need to make a big push on making a detailed model. Look at the "big oyster" model, it's about 1/16 scale. I suggest you make a model at 1/10 scale of one module, with a detail of the structure so you fully understand how it's built. Get an estimate for key materials: Floating cubes rental / buy, towing services, aluminum profiles, 19mm plywood, corrugated roofing sheets (white & clear),

Biology & Pollution: Jas, Laura

You need to finalise the experiments: what will you evaluate, how will you measure, what instruments will you need. Make a step by step instructions of what you will need to do to carry your experiment. List each thing you will need for these experiments. Please ask for a short 30 minutes meeting with Prof Rajan, Bayden, and Marine Thomas Aug 12 online as the "final review"

Renewable Energy: Nishant

Beyond producing, how will you measure how much hydrogen and solar we're producing? Think more about the sensors and how we will collect the data. How will we measure the environment (air, water)for the other teams?

Community: Sammie, Alex Clay (UK)

Jas can onboard you when you are ready and you can get started about

  • visit North Point and the promenade
  • we can arrange you to access the Maritime museum private library to research the history of oyster farming and of North Point
  • Alex Clay β†’ Reach out to Sammie

Blockchain: Sammie, Nishant, Pratham

Study some basics of blockchain and its scene in Hong Kong,

Sammie, please write a summary of this PWC report in the blog. I think Pratham can answer most of your questions about blockchain.

And join an event at Genesis Block: