Manufacturing the Ocean Imagineer


Thinking about how little time we have to build the "Ocean Imagineer"

  • with the highest safety standards
  • In time
  • in budget

Lead us to study how to manufacture aluminium trusses.

This video was also super helpful to verify the truss proportions, materials, and what we can expect from the structure:

This Kilo Newton to Kg was also quite handy!

This video also greatly illustrates the tension phenomenons in different truss designs:

In our case, we cannot be inspired by a bridge truss as our structure will be at sea, with dynamic loading.

This video showing a of cranes -which are made of truss under highly variable load and natural element stress- was also an inspiration:

Before we inaugurate our structure, I suggest we make a load and deflection test like this one:

I also loved this DIY manufacturing video

But I think we aim to do something more like this in Tsuen Wan: