Measurement - How we will measure our production


We need to find methods of recording the production of the Solar and Hydrogen, and will need to record the data of the Biology experiments.


The lithium battery provided in the solar panel kit comes with a Battery management System, and the charge controller is built into the inverter. The inverter can connect to the wifi, and a software will be used to read the data from the inverter.

The name of the software is SHINE WIFI


We will be storing the hydrogen in balloons. While it won't be fully accurate, we can contact the suppliers to find the capacity of the balloons (the balloons are mylar, not latex, so they won't stretch)


  • USB chip water DNA sequencer (to check e. coli etc.)
    • Can be plugged back into the computer to check the data - has a website to check the data from
  • GoPro to get underwater video
    • will transfer the data to computer for analysis
  • pH sensor + refractometer (checking water purity etc.)
    • pH sensor will be connected to a data probe, which may be able to be sent to the computer
    • Refractometer is non-digital, we'll have to record our measurements down manually.
  • Salinity + Temp sensor
    • Digital sensor, but will have to record values manually