The 80/20 rule

Some say it takes 80% of the efforts to finish the last 20% of the job. We are at the 80% mark in terms of time, so it may seems we’re almost done, but there is still a lot to do. In a short amount of time. This week is going to be intense.

Adjust tow line high on the deck (2h)
Build a small transport barge to move materials from North Point pier to the ocean Imagineer that can fit in a 5.5t truck
Lighting Inside : 6 x 30W LED Lights
Led strip lighting : 4 x25m LED strips
Set up the timers
Textile design sample
Textile design roof edge, wall, skirt
Adjust insurance
Pay bamboo master
Pay towing company
Book and pay crane truck
Recycle metal
Triangles aluminum (L: 14, M: 15, S: 30)
Edge: 18 bars