Pre-fabrication of Aluminium

Life sized template

Place: Makerbay roof

Schedule: early morning, 10:30 -11:30 max

People: Cesar, Jas, Edric, Tvesha(leaves at 3:30), Erica(leaves at 3) ADD IF YOU CAN COME

Activity: Create a life sized mockup on paper with pens. Map out where everything is going to be. Create a grid and do the Zones and Create templates for every piece for easier construction execution.

Material: Large papers, markers, rulers and tape measurer, rope.

Measuring and cutting

Place: Makerbay workshop

Schedule: 11:30-1pm and 2-3

People: Jas, Cesar, Edric, Tvesha, Erica???

Activity 1: Starting measuring and making marks on aluminium strips and aluminium bar so cutting is easier, Make indications of where the strips end for cutting and for drilling holes

Material: markers, aluminium, tape measure.

Tvesh: Measuring

Edric: Cutting

Cesar: Welding 6 meters ones in 6.02 meters

Jas: Drilling

Erica: Sanding


Place: Makerbay workshop

Activity: Cutting ALL pieces of alumniuim strips and drilling holes and sanding.

Schedule: 3-5 pm

People: Jas, Cesar, Edric, Tvesha??

Activity: We will start construction 6A profile type (linked below) we will have time to build 1 whole 6A to try it out before construction. We will do 2 that day