Biology Lab equipments

Hello dear Rajan

Thanks for the call just now.

I need your help with

1. Raft building: Can you please share with me the details of the bamboo raft builder?

2. Oysters string: Can we borrow / buy a couple of strings of oysters from Lau Fau Shan?3. Machines: borrowing. Can we borrow some equipments from the labs of machines that you/your researchers are currently not using?

4. Tanks, fiberglass: we will go buy together new tanks

== How we will work == 1. Grow the larvae in the HKU Lab 2. Move the larvae to North Point floating lab

== Equipments ==

Cesar will build an upweller-downweller 8 cells, 30cm, make 2 units, one unit for HKU, one for Floating Lab in North Point

Can you please confirm that the equipments we need to grow oysters (in the chronological order of the oyster lifecycle) 

1- Larval tank

2- Upweller, downweller

3- Upweller


5- oyster string

But I imagine, you also need

  • Microscope
  • fridge
  • petri dishes for agar cultures...


I would love to learn what we need on board on this floating oyster lab.

== Building a wall of tools at HKU wet lab ==

We have now some tools now at HKU that we used to build the upwelling-downwelling system. It's good if they are organised well in the lab.Cesar's experience building working space for schools and labs: of tools that would be appropriate for the wet lab:

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Cesar