Prof Rajan, suppliers, description of the system


// Cesar will build

Upweller-downwelling 8 cells (4x2): make 2 pieces. One for HKU, one for Floating Lab

Each cell is 30cm diameter, high is

overall size is maximum 1.8m Long, 70cm wide, 75cm heigh

I need your help with1. Raft building: Can you please share with me the details of the bamboo raft builder?

// Mr Chan of Lau Fau Shan

+852 9711 0207

Raft, under 50,000 HKD

2. Oysters string: Can we borrow / buy a couple of strings of oysters from Lau Fau Shan?

// Mr Chan of Lau Fau Shan

50-100 HKD per string, 30 oysters (small)

3. Machines: borrowing. Can we borrow some equipments from the labs of machines that you/your researchers are currently not using?
4. Tanks, fiberglass: we will go buy together new tanks== How we will work ==Grow the larvae in the HKU LabMove the larvae to North Point floating lab== Equipments ==Cesar will build an upweller-downweller 8 cells, 30cm, make 2 units, one unit for HKU, one for Floating Lab in North PointCan you please confirm that the equipments we need to grow oysters (in the chronological order of the oyster lifecycle) 1- Larval tank

// We need

Algae Culture


Microscope, Linked with camera, 100K with camera

Algal culture box

Air Conditioning

Algal culture Incubator: , Hong Kong Labware Co., LtdWebsite100K Algae culture

For tanks (3 pieces)

Conical larval culture Tank

PDF Attached

2- Upweller, downweller

// Build

3- Upweller

// Build


// Build

5- oyster string

// Lau Fau Shan people sell strings. Ask Mr Chan of Lau Fau Shan

+852 9711 0207

But I imagine, you also need- Microscope- fridge- petri dishes for agar cultures...... I would love to learn what we need on board on this floating oyster lab.  

== Building a wall of tools at HKU wet lab ==

We have now some tools now at HKU that we used to build the upwelling-downwelling system. It's good if they are organised well in the lab.Cesar's experience building working space for schools and labs: of tools that would be appropriate for the wet lab:

// We will come back to it after the contractors have finished building partitions

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

// Repayment of past expenses

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